Traditional wooden boat building

Four albums covering boats built by Jean over the last three years and showing how 30 men get the boats into the water by hand.

Antsiranana (Diego) scenes, Northern Madagascar

2007-08 Diego scenes

Alliance Francaise, Antsiranana

Alliance Francaise, Antsiranana

People and the sea in Madagascar

People and the sea – Madagascar

Ile Sainte Marie

Sainte Marie

La Dordogne, district of Antsiranana, Northern Madagascar

La Dordogne (district of Antsiranana)

Antsatrana, shrimp fishing village North of Ambanja in Northern Madagascar

2005 Antsatrana

Ruth’s flat in Place Kabary, Antsiranana

Ruth’s flat in Madagascar

8 Responses

  1. Madagascar is a really pretty place. It has beautiful landforms and mountains.

    I would like to see more pics of it.

  2. i love my creoloe religion

  3. Excellent Photos and work and your blog..congratullations…..

  4. excellent blog and photos

  5. I’m reading “Muddling Through in Madagascar” by Dervla Murphy. I suppose it’s a little dated (1989) but enjoyable. What do you think and are there any more books you can recommend?

  6. Really, your country seems to be a wonderful place, for the few pictures we could see above. I’d like to know much about it. Who can start writing me directly from this country?
    Wagner Woelke

  7. this website is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hey I will be living in Madagascar for 2 years beginning later this year, could anyone here help me learn some Malagasy pronunciations and words? Or give me a link to a website that can do this?

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