Madagascar overviews

These sites give overviews of Madagascar the country (in English), including Malagasy politics, geography, economics, history and statistics.

They provide a good introduction for people that are interested in finding out information on Madagascar and provide links for further exploration.

Madagascar on Wikipedia
Probably best place to start to read about Madagascar for an overview – comprehensive content with good pictures.
Excellent site aiming to be comprehensive English language resources on Madagascar.  Emphasis on wildlife but plenty of other content, including downloadable educational resources.

BBC News Country Guide for Madagascar
Well written article about Madagascar in four sections, giving an Overview, Facts, Leaders and Media. It lightly touches on some more sensitive issues in Malagasy history and the current political situation

British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Madagascar profile
Good overview with a bias towards Britain / Madagascar connections – contains facts, geography, history, politics, human rights, economy, development, international relations, relations with the UK

U.S. Department of State Background Note on Madagascar
Similar to British FCO site about Madagascar except from an American viewpoint.

CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) World Factbook: Madagascar
Detailed overview full of statistics and facts on Madagascar – on a web site that looks designed to intimidate


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