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Global Voices online: Madagascar

If you’ve only got time to read one Madagascar blog (other than mine, ahem) then this is a good one. It takes article from various contributors about Madagascar covering a wide range of topics and is edited, so generally high quality stuff.

Rakoto’s rants: the Malagasy dwarf hippo
One of my favourites – almost all in English – looking at poverty, development, and access to information from a Madagascar perspective.

Best of Malagasy blogs
Competition for 2007 / 08 to find the best Malagasy blogs in categories of culture, society, Malagasy language and youth.

Madagascar Online
This is the first online magazine for Madagascar. Madonline is written by a non profit organisation of independent journalists in Madagacar : AsMedia. It’s not a very attractive site but has current news stories related to Madagascar – this is the English version. There are also French and Gasy versions one – with a larger amount of up to date content.

The Purple Corner
I can’t make much sense of what this site is but it has interesting design and interesting links so it’s probably worth digging around. It’s strap line is..”Don’t want to change the world | Only want to stop pretendin”

Coming to Madagascar
A woman from Montreal who fell in love with a Malagasy man (Air Madagascar pilot) and followed him here.

Little Fish Big Bay
Blog by two British masters students doing research around Diego bay in 2007. Contains links to good photos and advice for budget travellers.
This is the site for those of you interested in the environment and wildlife. seeks to raise interest in and appreciation of wild lands and wildlife, while examining the impact of emerging trends in climate, technology, economics, and finance on conservation and development. This is broader than just Madagascar but has good Madagascar news and content.

Posts by Blue Ventures volunteers about their experiences with this marine conservation chartity in Madagascar.

In Malagasy

Fiainana kristiana virtualy (virtual Christian Life)
A mixed language blog (mainly Malagasy and French but with bits of English) with a strongly Christian angle.

In French only

L’odysee de Tattum
Good blog by a Malagasy lady living in France.

Jacaranda blog
In French. Regularly updated blog with newsy content taken from many sources. BY WHOM?

Madagascar ID
Creative site by a Malagasy with lovely photos (not your typical Madagascar travel-photos). Worth a look even if you don’t speak French.

Malag@sy Miray
A collective Madagascar blogging site taking posts from various authors – mainly in French but with a fair amount of Gasy and a small fraction in English.

Peace Corps blogs

Peace Corps volunteers are young Americans (majority female) who spend two years on a posting as either an English language, health or environment volunteer. They typically live on their own in a village (or usually a town if English language teachers) and try to improve local people’s lives. They have 3 months training when they arrive in country including learning the dialect of the region they work in. So, apart from the work they do, they generally have a good reputation because they can speak Malagasy. Some of their experiences are similar to mine.

I f you want to find more I have just found this page with all the madagascar peace corps journals you could ever want.

Ma vie malgache
I’ll mention this one individually because it was the one I liked most out of the few that I read – just well-written, entertaining tales of living in a Malagasy village that make me laugh with recognition or empathise with the sad things.


2 Responses

  1. Hi there,

    I just discovered your fabulous blog today when one of your readers submitted your blog as a BOMBs potential one. We’ll do our best to recommand your blog and with the great posts I found here I think the promotion work won’t be difficult.
    Our intention is to create a panel of blogs which give the most realistic and vivid (!) images of our beloved country and we see manysupport from everywhere and everyone !
    Thank you for the listing and I still don’t know what my blog is about too !!


  2. Aha – glad I’m not the only one making it up as I go along. Thanks for your lovely post and I’m very chuffed (English slang for pleased) with the nomination.

    Biz back

    Ruth (p.s. I think purple corner would make more sense to me if my connection speed was faster)

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