Thanks a BOMB: VazahaGasy a ‘Best of Malagasy Blog’

I am gratified and honoured that this VazahaGasy blog has been voted the winner of the Society category in the Best of Malagasy Blogs awards.

Society award

I’m resisting an urge not to mention it and hide in the corner in embarrassment, because I’d like to pass on a big thanks both to those who voted and the organisers of the competition.

Projects like the BOMBS (Best of Malagasy Blogs) competition generate awareness and energy around internet usage thanks to the effort of the FOKO team behind the awards.

I’m convinced of the need for countries like Madagascar to embrace the internet and other IT options, in order to be able to develop as fast as they would like.

Clearly, the lack of funds – for individuals and organisations – plays a big part in restricting usage.

However, it’s also awareness and skills that are lacking. People here are bright and eager to learn – they just need people to point them in the right direction.

Unfortunately, at this point, many of the blogs are maintained either by the Malagasy diaspora or, like me, by a Vazaha living in Madagascar.

Let’s hope, before long – all the winners are Malagasys living in Madagascar and that these people are also using the internet for marketing, e-commerce, business-to-business processes, e-learning, transparent government and all the other things that facilitate growth and efficiency.

And please everybody send up a prayer to anyone or anything you think can help – FOR GLOBAL BROADBAND (that plea is both compassionate for the greater good of Madagascar and a selfish one to make my life easier).

So a big thanks again to all those who voted and congratulations to the other winners.

And let’s hope the BOMBS continue to raise awareness around the possibilities of blogging for Malagasys and those connected with Madagascar.


15 Responses

  1. All we can say is – well done. It really is a fantastic blog – even if we are family!


    Matt & Suzie

  2. Congrats Ruth !
    In my everyday prayers I have 5 words for the broadband since some of our work at FOKO reaaaaaaally need it, now I have another very good reason !
    We hope to hear from you very soon and of course let’s keep on BLOGGING!!


  3. Congratulations Ruth.
    Your passionate plea for IT to be an intricate part of development in Madagascar is heart warming and spot on.

  4. Salut Ruth,
    J’espère que le voyage s’est bien passé jusqu’à votre arrivée et que ton petit a pu profiter de la moquette de l’avion. J’ai été drôlement contente de la coïncidence de nos vols.
    Take care, mandrapihaona

    Vola, passagère sur le vol Diego-Tana
    (ma mère vous passe le bonjour aussi)
    BTW, well done for the BOMBS!

  5. wow Vola,
    I’m amazed you met Ruth on the plane!! This is the best Blog meeting ever! Maybe be one day I’ll get to meet Vola and Ruth at the same time far far far from the web !


  6. Hello – I came upon your blog by chance. It is very interesting with many unusual pieces of information and lovely pictures. Thank you for the pleasure. Very best wishes from England – it’s lovely to look at all of your bright sunshine especially as it has just started snowing over here. We are apparently in for a very cold Easter. Bye bye for now. :o)

  7. Belíssimo!

  8. Ruth,
    Congratulations on the award. Your blog is just breathtaking! It is more than well-deserving of this recognition. Also thanks for bringing us some pieces of home in real time. Even if I have yet to set foot in Antsiranana (born in Antsirabe, grew up in Antananarivo) every photo you post, every story you relate feels like home. Wishing you continued success and much happiness in your VazahaGasy lifestyle. Be well.
    New York, NY

  9. Hi, your blog is quite nice and interesting! Congrats! I’d love to visit this beautiful island if I could!
    Regards from Portugal

  10. hi ruth wonderful blog, im really thinking of coming to live there. Please can you liase with me to find out more info to make my decision.
    kind regards from south africa

  11. Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments. I have been out of blogging action for some time as I’ve come back to the UK to work prior to having another baby (due any day).

    However, I’m still learning a lot about both cultures by seeing things from the UK point of view….so may be tapping away again soon.

  12. I stumbled upon your blog, and I will certainly come back.
    I like the way you see things.

    Veloma from a vazaha in Norway

  13. i like your blog, its amazing………..
    beautiful man…..

  14. Hi Ruth!

    Congratulations on winning the Society blog category of Best of Malagasy Blog!

    I am from Asia. I can’t believe I am reading a blog about Madagascar! I haven’t been to Madagascar but it will be close to my heart because I have a friend there. She is such a sweet and thoughtful friend and I now consider her my little sister. She lives in Antannarivo and she has once sent me a lovely postcard showing the flora and fauna of her country, which made me very, very happy because I am a addicted to viewcards!

    I will try to visit your blog from time to time and try to learn and see more of Madagascar. Who knows, someday I might have the chance to visit it? 😉 I have a hopeful heart 🙂

    I wish you well.

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