Our new car

New bling carWe are the proud owners of a new car, a Diego classic Renault 4.

Currently it is Diego taxi yellow, with lots of ‘Bad Boy’ attachments such as headlight covers that look like seductive eyelids, shiny silver windscreen wiper attachments, blacked out windows etc.

We will be removing most of these and repainting it, to a more sober finish.

Why choose a Renault 4?

We chose this against a more glamorous Golf that was on sale because of its ability to tackle any road and ease of repair.

It’s known as the poor man’s 4×4 and can get anywhere that the bigger, shinier 4×4 vehicles can go. And I will mainly be wanting to get to Montagne d’Ambre (Amber Mountain) and Ramena, both of which require 4×4.

Also the cars are such a part of Antsiranana life that spare parts and expertise are plentiful.

Buyer and seller


One Response

  1. Ruth,

    You must leave all the bling on the “DD” Dragster. In fact I think you should add to it …..how about a spoiler on the back and some big spot lights on the roof

    Color is great too, your in my gang !

    Love it


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